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What features does Grispi have?

Grispi gives you everything you want in a support management platform. You can see the main features below.

  • Multichannel Support System

See all requests and provide fast and complete service to your customers by managing different channels such as e-mail, chat and call center from a single platform.

  • Chat

Instantly respond to contact or support requests of your users who visit your page with the Chat feature and easily register potential customers in your CRM system.

  • Customized Customer Experience

Simplify customer management with panel usage for your business needs. Identify your teams’ task areas with filters, facilitate intra-team communication with tags and prioritize requests.

  • E-Mail Management

Turn the emails you receive into automated tickets and increase your team’s productivity. Make sure that no request goes unanswered.

  • Quick Answers with Templates

Create fast and consistent responses to incoming tickets, reduce your customers’ wait time with templates, and increase the number of ticket fulfillments for your teams.

  • Reporting and Analysis

Review Inbound – Outbound Calls, emails, support requests with detailed and customized reports, create filters and make data-driven business decisions.

  • Cloud Call Center

Set up your switchboard system in minutes with Call Center integration and get in touch with your customers. Easily manage all incoming and outgoing calls with call queuing, record voice recordings with high standard audio quality and increase your team’s productivity.

  • Automations

Use automations to automatically classify and assign work to tickets, set working hours and define automatic actions based on the conditions you create.

  • Cooperation between Teams

Create workflows that can help teams work efficiently and coordinate across departments to deliver a better support experience for customers. Facilitate work sharing and routing within the team by using tags and filters effectively.

  • Personalized Forms

Create personalized forms where you can add the fields you need for your claims management. Collect the data you want and add customer records.

Visit the “Features” page to review all features.

Updated on October 10, 2023

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