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What can be done with a demo account?

The main benefit of a demo during software selection is that it shows not only what features and functionalities a solution supports, but also how they are delivered. Software is used to keep the business on track and show what the customer wants to see.

You can create your demo account in Grispi yourself from the link or you can create a request from the link for our officials to make a demo presentation to you.

You can do the following with a demo account;

  • Demand management
  • Create users, groups, organizations
  • Filter creation
  • Quick template creation
  • Request management by e-mail
  • General dashboard

In order to test chat or virtual switchboard features in demo account usage, you can contact our technical team to turn on the features.

See for yourself how the Grispi demand management platform can meet the unique challenges, needs and product interests of your business. You can use your free demo for 2 weeks.

Updated on November 4, 2023

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