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How can I manage organization fields?

Organizations is a feature in the Grispi platform that allows you to divide your customers and teams into groups. The use of organizations is optional, but you can organize your end users into organizations and track the demands of these organizations.

You can edit the data fields you want to keep for organizations. You can add, delete, disable or edit fields.

1. You can access the organization fields in the ticket.

2. On a ticket page that opens, click on the organization symbol. In the Organization tab you will see the available organization fields.

3. The Organization field shows the information of the requester’s current organization. You can customize these areas as you wish. To customize it, you can manage it in “Settings -> Organization Fields -> +Add Field”.

Select the type of field you want to add. You can save the organization field by entering its name, description and values, if any.

5.You can disable or delete custom fields you have added.

You can list the organization fields you have disabled in the inactive tab and delete them by clicking the Delete button. Or you can enable them again.

Updated on April 2, 2024

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