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What are the uses of organizations and groups?

Organizations It allows you to follow your end users’ demands by placing them in organisations. Users working under one company can see each other’s tickets and duplicate tickets are prevented.

For example, you can register a company that is your customer as an organization and add its employees who use Girspi as end users under this organization. In this way, you can filter all support tickets from users who work for a company.

Groups: Gathers team members together according to common criteria. Groups contain only your team members. For example, you can group your employees according to departments such as logistics and accounting, and assign support tickets according to departments.

Groups cannot include end users. Any new team members you add will be added to their default group.

End User: The person who creates support tickets.

Use cases for organizations;

  • You can create organizations for different customer groups and manage the workflow accordingly.
  • You can follow the tickets on an organisation basis.
  • You can create an organisation for your end users. You can automatically add them to organisations based on their email domain name the first time they submit a ticket.
  • You can create organizations for different language tickets and direct these tickets to foreign language agents.

Use cases for groups;

  • You can group tickets by priority group. By default, you can assign all tickets to one group and then route them to different groups depending on the technical complexity of the ticket.
  • You can create groups based on expertise.
  • If you have tickets involving personal or protected information, you can create custom groups. You can ensure that only administrators assigned to the custom group can see this information.
Updated on October 14, 2023

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