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What are Triggers and What Do They Do?

Triggers are rules that automatically take certain actions when certain events occur. Triggers are activated immediately when tickets are created or updated and take the specified actions when conditions are met.

Key Components of Triggers

  1. Conditions : Determines when the trigger will run.
  2. Actions : These are actions to be performed when the conditions are met. For example;
    • Change the status of the ticket.
    • Assigning the ticket to a specific person.
    • Adding a tag to the ticket.
    • Sending an email to the customer or support team.

Advantages of Triggers

  • It enables repetitive tasks to be done automatically, thus increasing the efficiency of the support team.
  • Ensures standardized and consistent execution of support processes.
  • Ensures immediate response to important incidents, which improves customer satisfaction.
  • Facilitates tracking and management of important information such as status and priority of tickets.

Trigger Examples

  1. Send Notification When a New Ticket is Created
  • Conditions
    • The ticket has just been created.
  • Actions:
    • A notification email is sent to the support team.
    • The ticket is assigned to a specific agent.
  1. Sending a Ticket Resolved Message to the Customer after a Closed Ticket
  • Conditions:
    • The status of the ticket is “Resolved” or “Closed”.
  • Actions:
    • The customer may be sent a message that your request has been resolved and a satisfaction survey.
  1. Ticket Related to a Specific Topic
  • Conditions:
    • “Invoice” or “Payment” is the subject of the ticket.
  • Actions:
    • The ticket is assigned to the billing department.
    • The tag “invoice” is added to the ticket.

Triggers automate customer support processes, reducing support team workload and increasing customer satisfaction. Triggers help the support team to be more proactive and effective.

Click to see how you can create a trigger.

Updated on June 7, 2024

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