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What are user fields and how can I manage them?

A user field is an area in Grispi reserved for private information held in the profiles of customers and users.

For example, user fields can be used in customer profiles to store information such as contact details, preferences or private notes. Similarly, user fields can be used in support team members’ profiles to store private information such as skills, areas of expertise or working hours.

User fields are an important tool to customize the system to better respond to users’ needs and personalize services. In this way, users can be better served and the system can be managed more efficiently.

  • Click on a request in the Home page to inspect the user area.
  • On the page that opens, click on the user symbol. In the User tab you will see the available user fields.
  • The name/surname and contact information of the requester are available in the user area. You can customize these areas as you wish.

1. Add a User Field

To customize it, you can manage it in “Settings –> User Field –> +Add Field”.

Select the data type of the field you want to add.

Enter the name, description, title shown to the agent and values, if any, of the user field. Click on the Save button.

The field you added will now be displayed and can be filled in the customer profile field.

2. Delete and Disable User Field

    You can delete or disable user fields. The deleted field cannot be recovered and the added data will be permanently deleted.

    You can disable the user field instead. Disabled fields are listed in the inactive tab and can be reactivated if necessary. Previously added information is returned.

    Updated on April 9, 2024

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