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How can I manage filters?

Grispi filters are tools that allow to manage tickets (requests) and classify them according to specific criteria. Filters allow users to list tickets based on specific criteria (for example, priority, status, tags or a specific piece of text, date, etc.).
By making the filters visible to specific users or groups, you can ensure that each user sees only the tickets they are interested in. This prevents confusion and allows users to focus more on their work.


  1. Display Results for a Specific Date Range:
    • My Call Today: By creating a filter in this way, you can filter the tickets with the next search date today according to existing users or specific groups.
    • Tickets of the Last 7 Days: This filter can show tickets created or updated in the last 7 days.
  2. Limiting to a Specific Group:
    • Customer Support Form Requests: You can create a filter like this for the customer support team to see the requests from the customer support form.
    • Sales Department Requests: This filter can show only the tickets created or handled by the sales department.

Similarly, you can add tickets by customizing them according to your workflows by adding conditions. You can export the filters you have created.

Only people with administrator authorization can edit all the filters you have created in Grispi. You can take the following actions from the “Settings -> Filters” section.

All filters you have created in Grispi can only be edited by people with administrator authorization. You can take the following actions in Settings –> Manage –> Filters.

You can manage the following fields when creating or editing a filter.

  • Filter name and description,
  • Filter visibility
  • Filter conditions
  • Filter listing
  • Filter sorting

You can find more detailed information about filters in the article“How can I create a filter?”.

Updated on April 7, 2024

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