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Grispi Integration with JivoChat

This article will help you connect JivoChat to Grispi. This integration allows you to create tickets directly from chat logs and offline messages in JivoChat, configure the priority and category of tickets, and search for customers’ past conversations and information using contact emails.

1. Open the JivoChat desktop application or the web version at app.jivosite.com and log in with your admin credentials.

2. Click on the Manage button in the lower left corner, then go to Channels -> Settings (below your website name).

3. Next, move to the Notifications menu. Fill your Grispi email ([email protected]) in the fields E-mail for chat logs and notifications and E-mail for offline messages.

4. Check if the option to send chats by email is enabled in the Notifications settings. By default, this option is disabled for all new accounts and must be enabled.

5. You need to create a trigger in Grispi. Go to your Grispi account and click on the Settings button. In the Business rules section, select Triggers and create a new trigger with the following conditions.

This trigger will add the “jivochat” tag to tickets from Jivochat and turn it off when the conversation is over.

5. Thanks to the trigger we created, we can create a new filter and list the incoming Jivochat tickets in the filter.

To do this, click on the Settings button. In the Administrative Rules section, select Filters and create a new filter with the following conditions. You can select the users or groups you want to see the filter.

In this filter you can view tickets from Jivochat. You can view customers from Jivochat and their past conversations.

Updated on May 13, 2024

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