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What is Grispi – Connexease Integration?

The integration of Grispi and Connexease allows you to control and manage all your social media accounts within Grispi without the need for different screens.

Which Social Media Channels Can Be Integrated?

  • Whatsapp Business
  • Instagram Direct
  • Instagram Comments
  • Twitter Direct
  • Messenger
  • Apple App Store
  • Google Play Store

Benefits of Grisipi Connexease integration:

Manage All Channels on a Single Platform: With Grispi, Connexease integration, you can also manage customer requests from social media channels such as WhatsApp and Instagram through Grispi. This makes it easy for businesses to see and manage requests from all channels in one place.

Improving customer service efficiency: Grispi Connexease integration helps businesses manage customer requests more quickly and efficiently. This helps businesses increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Improving the customer experience: Grispi Connexease integration helps businesses deliver a consistent and quality customer experience to their customers. This helps businesses increase their brand reputation and sales.

Powerful Reporting: Grsipi’s reporting tools allow you to better understand and improve customer interactions from WhatsApp and social media channels.

Updated on January 30, 2024

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