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Can I automatically assign requests to a specific group or agent?

You can automatically assign your request assignments to specific people and groups.

You can add a Trigger to perform this operation. It allows you to automatically assign incoming requests to a specific group or person based on certain criteria. For example, when a customer makes a request about a specific topic, you can automatically route it to the relevant department or support agent.

1. Click on “Settings -> Business Rules -> Triggers”.

2. Click on the “Add Trigger” button.

3. On the page that opens, enter the trigger name and description.

    Enter the conditions under which automatic assignment is required.

    For example

    • If the request comes from a certain form
    • If a request has a specific label
    • If it has a specific topic title or content, etc.

    4. Select Assignee status from the Action field and select to which group or person you want it to be assigned.

    5. Click on the Save button.

    When the condition is met in incoming requests, it will be automatically assigned to the person or group added in the trigger.

    You can automate your workflows by adding multiple automatic rules from the Triggers area.

        Updated on April 7, 2024

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