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How can I make bulk changes to tickets?

You can update many requests at the same time using the bulk change feature.

For example, if you want to assign yourself to multiple claims, simply select the claims and then set yourself as the assignee. You can also update the status, priority, assignee, type or other added form fields of the selected requests in bulk and send e-mails in bulk.

Grispi allows you to perform the following batch operations on requests.

  • Appointed change
  • Update in demand fields
  • Status change (New, Open, Pending, Suspended, Closed, Resolved)
  • Email sending
  • Value copy

The bulk change steps are as follows;

  • Bulk modification mode is located on the top right of the request lists in the filters.
  • Open one of your filters and select the claims you want to update.
    You can select the claims you want to update individually from the boxes on the sides or you can select the entire list by clicking on the checkbox in the upper left corner of the view. Up to 10 tickets can be selected at a time for updating.
  • Click on the Bulk change button and select the Make bulk change option.
  • In the screen that opens, the tickets are listed in the top field for bulk modification.
  • Select the update action you want to do from the Add Action button. It can be updated by adding more than one action on the same tickets.
  • Click OK to save your claim updates.
Updated on May 26, 2024

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