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How can I customize data fields?

You can customize the data fields according to your usage in Settings → Ticket Fields.

Grispi automatically provides you with the following fields by default.

You can select the type of the data field from the following screen that opens when clicking +Add Field.

User Field where person additions can be provided

Multiple Users: A field where you can add multiple people to your ticket

Text Field to add a few words.

Drop Down Field to select an option from the Options menu.

Multiple Selection: Field to select multiple options from a preset list

Tags: Field to provide tagging for content.

Date: Field to select a date from the calendar.

Numeric Field for a number without decimal places

Decimal Field where a number containing a decimal can be entered

Once you have selected the data type, you can specify the field values and the mandatory status.

Updated on October 2, 2023

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